Social Networks: Photo sharing

Social networks allow you to share pictures on the web.

Some people upload pictures of landscapes, their travels and trips. Others, the majority, prefer different subjects: themselves, their relatives or friends in various situations (parties, barbecues, dinners, birthdays, weddings, etc..).

At times, the subjects captured on pictures are adults…at others NO.

In fact, it is very common find images of children, babies and even scans…obviously without their consent and the possibility to object.

Do you think it is fair share pictures of minor?

Would you upload your or other’s children pictures?

Post your answer by comment…

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21 Responses to Social Networks: Photo sharing

  1. Vanessa from France says:

    I didn’t really asked myself , but good question…

    Because children can’t do anything, I don’t think that it’s a problem…am I the only one?
    Sounds bad, but in my opinion when parents or even people share pictures of children it’s because they are proud or find that he or she is soooo cute! All in the innocent way…

    I’ve already shared pictures on the web of children myself without even think that they might not be OK with it. Therefore, I find creepy the people that put scans online O.o….( I know I’m strange…). Babies, barely formed, already shown to the world is a bit too much!! Then I suppose that children becoming adult would find it funny to see themselves younger…online or not.

    ( sorry again for my english >.< )

  2. Pedro from Mexico city says:

    I think that it’s outrageous !!! Vanessa, I think that the problem is somewhere else, children can’t say no…if you were 15 on facebook would you be happy? Children are conscious nowadays earlier! It shouldn’t be allowed to share without any permissions…

    In my opinion, it brings only pedophiles online! Think that EVERYONE can see your child is something terrible!!

  3. Vanessa from France says:

    Hi Pedro…the only thing that I can say, is that I disagree with your opinion BUT I respect it. Anyway, pedophiles will find children’s pictures on the web…

  4. Bruna from Brazil says:

    Very good question…..I have never thought about it before, sometimes we accept things only because are part of our daily life.

  5. Justine from france says:

    Euuuuh….a bit tricky but lets say that when you think about it, you realise that it is not so fair…

    Now I don’t know if I would upload pictures in general, I don’t want to share my private life with others…too precious. I am agree with Bruna !

  6. Jack from New york says:

    Hi everyone,

    In general people share private stuff online ( pictures of children or not…) very very private, so I don’t think that they care so much about the rights of others in general unfortunately….

  7. Hi Qbox, I rarely upload pictures to share with people on any social network unless there is no other way to share them (like: send it to person by email when required). Many of friends of mine upload their private activities includes their families. I think those are just to show it to others for some reason or even not to share. 🙂 Thank you for stopping by my blog. this post is very interesting and your blog is awesome!

  8. Social Networks in general were built to share your personnal life…can be private or only about friends. In my opinion, few people think about the idea of privacy in that case…I don’t have the impression that lots of people mind about the privacy of any one else because as the general rules says, when you put something on facebook ( for example) it is there forever! You choose it.
    I am agree with pleisbilongtumi very interesting…:D want to see another question

  9. I know lots of people that do choose to show their kids in photos online, but I personally wouldn’t. I share a lot of information about myself online in the knowledge that once it is out there, it can’t be retrieved. But photos of my children are for friends and family only 🙂

  10. Phoport says:

    I think it is, for the most part, a bad idea whether it is your own children or anyone else’s. There can be some major accusations made and too many possible legalities. Remember, the lock keeps honest people out.

  11. I don’t mind what others do, in fact I enjoy seeing photos of their loved ones; young and old. However, I do not place photos of my family members on-line; apart from my partner who is happy to have his photo splashed anywhere and everywhere for all to see… 😉
    I have a double standard (I’m aware of this). I’m a voyeur of a kind, enjoying seeing the lives that others live. On the other hand I am a very private person and do not easily give up this attitude in regard to those closest to me…! It is, I believe, a state of self protection that I willingly share with those I love….

  12. awarewriter says:

    I NEVER post pictures to Facebook (or any other social network). Any photos I post go on my blog. Only links show up on Facebook. Why? Because of copyright. Read the TOS for facebook. Post any of your work on Facebook and they can do what they like with it. None for me thanks.

  13. shakilakhtar says:

    i enjoy posting my grand children and my grown ups’ photos as i feel proud and want share the happynes with the world. My wife sometimes objects for her photos for she is rather shy.

  14. I only upload the photos of others if I need to, like promoting on their behalf, and I make sure that I link it back to them, stating that it’s not mine.:)
    I hardly upload a photos for children or if I do I make sure it is blurry or cover-up their face’s, and make sure it is an appropriate photos.:)

    Have a good one,

  15. Reenareigns says:

    I too, enjoy posting photos to share to my families and friends. I usually upload photos in FB and WP, and recently i started instagram.
    Whenever i upload photos i add watermark. In FB i make sure to limit my audience to friends not public. Then, i created a group for my friends. I did it long time ago since FB started this setting, so now, it’s easy for me to categorized my list of friends. Everytime i upload photos, i set the viewers, to protect my privacy. The only thing you cannot set the audience is the cover photo of fb, it is automatically shown to public, that is their default setting that’s why i really make sure to add watermark.

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  17. Hey.. I think it’s ok to post our friend’s or family’s picture, as long as it doesn’t make them embarrased, a normal or cute picture is ok. But not a picture that expose their weaknesses.. Respect them just we want them to respect as.. Thank you for visiting my new blog 🙂

  18. drybredquips says:

    Glad you liked “memory problem.” Thank you for reading quips and for your support.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Very bad practice, exposing children that way!

  20. gita4elamats says:

    Not a good idea in the world we live in.

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