Extra: Special meeting

Any of us has studied or still studying History at school.

Usually, we cover a period that goes from prehistory to the cold war or even more. During our studies, we come across several periods (Egyptian, Roman, World wars, etc..)  in which we examinate facts and our predecessors.

History is full of important figures (kings, emperors, warriors, presidents, leaders, etc..) that made a mark during his/her period. Figures that we appreciate, hate, envy, esteem or consider as a model to follow or avoid.

If you had the power to teleport from the past to the present one of these icons/figures, who would he/she be? And what would you tell and do with him/her? 

Post your answer by comment…and remember to send your question.                                The Qbox is made of YOU!!..Thank you

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20 Responses to Extra: Special meeting

  1. I would meet Cleopatra for a milky bath >w< and then I would go on a hill to observe the egyptian society moving ! Not a happy period but full of things to discover…:D

  2. marcelino guerrero says:

    Puyi; the last child emperor of China, Emperor of the Qing Dynasty from 1908 to 1912, place him in a room with the Dali Lama and hope they would reflect on their experiences dealing with the communism.

  3. The toymaker says:

    I would like to meet Charles Dickens – to just see what he saw and to ask how he got his ideas. A reflection with Mr Dickens over tea and cake.

  4. Arkenaten says:

    I would like to have been on te front row of Jimi Hendrix’ Berkley Concert and then share a beer afterwards.

  5. News Burp says:

    As a retired police officer who was once shot in the line of duty, I’d like to meet Wyatt Earp and hear him tell the story of what happened at the OK Corral.

  6. Len says:

    I would “vas rel por” Lee Harvey Oswald just before Jack Ruby killed him. Then we would know for certain what happened on the day of Kennedy’s assassination.

  7. ravingreader says:

    I’d like to meet one of the suffragettes in either US or UK (or elsewhere). What a fascinating journey they took and how much courage they had to have a lot of time….

  8. ThenJames says:

    Oscar Wilde! Help him enjoy a world more accepting of gay culture (and show him the effect of his works), also get him to write moreeeee! ^_^

  9. I would meed Admiral Zheng He and see whether he really went to America like they suggest in the book, “1421”.

  10. jpinok3 says:

    I’d love to meet Jane Austen, who showed that the pen is truly mightier than the sword. I’d love to have tea with Jane and pick her brain since she was such an astute observer of human nature. I’d also ask her why she never married.

  11. MishaBurnett says:

    I’d like to see what Tesla could do with a modern engineering facility.

  12. yemenstars says:

    Aha. Socrates for sure. What would i tell him? ‘Teach me everything you know (and don’t know?)!’

  13. Is Einstein too common or modern? I wouldn’t want to get in the way … but, I’d love to observe how a man like that behaved in social situations.

  14. dtoft says:

    Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. 

    I would ask her what it felt like to give supernatural birth to a miracle child – God in flesh. How did you feel the first time you looked into his eyes? What was it like to hear him speak his first word? What was it?

    Next, what was it like to witness water being turned to wine at the wedding reception? Were you expecting it to happen, or did you doubt and it caught you off guard?

    Lastly, what went through your mind when you saw the empty tomb? Did it finally sink in, or had you settled long beforehand that he really was who the angel said he was? Just some questions I would like to know.

  15. abvblogger says:

    I’d like to invite Buddha over to this century and give him a couple of years to catch up with the latest science. And then ask him: does your philosophy change in any way?

  16. Gary C says:

    I thought about traveling back to 7th December 1980, New York, in an effort to convince John Lennon that someone would shot him the next day, but then thought of so many other people that have lost their lives too early.

    I could no more convince John to stay away than I could convince Marilyn Monroe not to overdose.

    Finally I decided I would be wasting my time.

  17. macdomag says:

    Antonio Vivaldi! Make him live forever and compose, compose and compose…

  18. I think I would rather go back to their time than bring them here if I had the choice, to see them in their own society. It would be good to go back to the time of some of the prophets, Moses, Elijah, Elisha, or the time of Jesus, and see if they actually did perform miracles and if not what it was all about, and how so many people became convinced they had performed miracles. To bring someone back to now, I suppose Nietzsche would be an idea, and see what he makes of Fascism and Nazism. Would what other people did with his ideas of the superman etc.. horrify him or not? I suspect they may do, but it is interesting to consider how ideas and what are made of them in practice can be very different things.

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