Life: Life after death


I’m a muslim. There’s a concept of heaven for the good. And it’s written that there’s not a thing in heaven that ever seen as on earth.

Do you believe in life after death…?

What d’you think will happen to us?  Will we talk the same way?  Think as usual?

I keep questioning how will it be…

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54 Responses to Life: Life after death

  1. Demosthenes says:

    The heart will stop beating, the brain will turn off and then we will rot. It will feel just like it did before we were born – we won’t exist.

  2. Is there life after death… No, if you are thinking of yourself, your entity as you are crossing over into another realm, doing human things, and thinking your human thoughts. That is too small, too narrow thinking.
    I would say yes, there is life after death if you start approaching it from a different perspective:
    Your physical being dissolves into nothingness. You do not exist anymore. What is left behind is what you have done, thought, accomplished, and taught to others. That is your essence, your words, your gestures remain alive.Whether they stem out of goodness or out of chaos (your choice)That is what survives, everything else alive, material, physical decays. You know that already.
    Look at passed great civilizations, they are immortal in our lives with their contribution and their thoughts…Kings, queens, builders, artists, artisans, sages, prophets, philosophers, etc.
    Is there a heaven to prance around and feel eternally happy? No. Heaven is here for those who live in kindness and generosity towards themselves and mankind, respecting the laws of nature.
    Is there hell to suffer eternally and feel tortured? No. Hell is here among us for those who deviate from the laws of nature.
    It’s all about living right here and now in celebration of life, be a guide, a leader, that is where you will find heaven…

    • Demosthenes says:

      Very well said. The Ancient Romans understood that very well, I believe. They would have a brief description of their lives, however ordinary, engraved on tombstones so that future generations would one day read them and ponder what it was like to be a shopkeeper three thousand years ago. That is all we can leave behind – a message. And for the love of life, please make it one that would leave the world just a lil’ bit better than it was presented to you.

      To your blogs, crowds!

      • abvblogger says:

        Elevating discussion. I learned something and look forward to reading the epitaphs on ancient Roman graves.

      • Demosthenes says:

        There was a fascinating documentary on BBC last year called “Meet the Romans”. Presented by a delightful lady by the name of professor Mary Beard who took it to the streets and showed the city from the loo perspective where “everyone is shitting together”.

  3. MishaBurnett says:

    Yes. It is given to man once to die, and thereafter the judgement, and we are raised incorruptible, to dwell in heaven, for the old things have passed away.

  4. yarnspinnerr says:

    a difficult one 🙂 but the material aspect will surely end. Regarding existence on another plane or dimension ……. it would surely be different then this one.

  5. kalabalu says:

    Life after death..first while we are a waiting zone ” Alam-e- Barzak” Here it is like a long sleep. Just as we sleep daily..onlyit starts from the time we die till..Hmm till we are raised from our sleep..time for Day of Judgement..peoplein millions called from graves all are walking and some are grumbling..who has awakened us..we are again waiting..but this time we are real..we ask each other how long were we sleeping..a day or two..but no ..we have slept for ages..those who are believers and followers are happy but those who never believed and were too proud to follow..and this is a huge group are now scared and they ahte each other for misleading them..but it is too late..those who never believed..nor accepted..even if you now declare your belief its of no use..and they will collect..and led to hell..waiting and asking for more..give me more for I burn higher and stronger with humans.. those in hell would scream and try to escape but would be pushed in..and asked..didn’t you know about this fate..and those who did belief and also did good deeds would get rewarded with Heaven the place where they get everything they more death they taste.

  6. Catherine says:

    It is life after life.

  7. Clark Kent says:

    Life the continuous stream is life… Birth and death are nothing more than a passage way to stay in the stream of life… It will not have form as energy comes in many different ways… You will not seek judgement and judgement will not seek you… It is stillness In the vibration of love… Those lives you touch will still feel the vibration of you after you have left your form in this realm… There is no ego, no need to see right and wrong just as the sunrises and sunsets your energy will experience this and keep this same cycle going… God is the one life between all forms through every door in birth and death.. Your experience in perception is this suffering.. Suffering is nothing more than a chime when you go back to true form just as you did in entry.. The deeper felt experience here the stronger the energy pulse when you leave. You will be connected either way with or without seeing it now in this moment or the final moments of passing. It makes no difference… We may be evolved to fight the understanding just imagine your dog frank… Frank is a name given by his owner a part of the family everyday frank shows love every moment frank shows love even when frank has been with you for 15 years frank truly doesn’t leave you his essence in love stays long after the physical. His ability in forgiveness is this moment in shared connection. We are no different just our thoughts are.. It is the ego at large that gives us all opposites that are always illusionary… Not to frank nor should it be for us!

  8. theimaginator says:

    Here is what will happen to you, probably. Your heart will stop, then you will have around ten minutes before brain death. During those ten minutes, your brain will first make you feel detached from your body, then it will play a slow motion movie of your life, focussing in particular on things which you feel are important, profound, and perhaps which make you happy (maybe, your guilt may do the opposite). After the movie, you will be shown a short clip of your birth; emerging from darkness into light. Then you will lose consciousness, and shortly after that your brain will die. No afterlife, although you can be pleased that your body will provide nutrients for the earth and be recycled in some way. Hey, did you know that people can be buried in cardboard coffins and have trees planted on them? I’d like that.

    • Demosthenes says:

      In Tibet people practice the ritual of sky burial – your body is dissected a little and left in an elevated location to be eaten by other animals. It is by far they most admirable way to go I have come across. I used to consider cremation a good practice, but then I realized how selfish that was. Just for the reason that we are afraid to wake up in the grave or find it disgusting to be eaten by worms (both of which apply to me) ans disguise it as the desire to be thrown to the four winds, we would have our bodies burned which means they would leave very little nutritional value in the ecosystem because most of it is released to the atmosphere as CO2. Do you want leave global warming and hungry animals as your heritage?

      • theimaginator says:

        Well no, that’s why I thought that bequeathing my cadaver as tree food would be a nice idea. I like trees, and of course they’re great for the environment since they hold topsoil together and nourish it in a symbiotic relationship with mycelium, pump out oxygen and provide a home for many creatures and even for other plants. I saw the sky burial on ‘Human Planet’, fascinating way to go; your body would be deposited in the form of nourishing excreta for miles around…

    • Demosthenes says:

      What a graceful way to go to “be deposited in the form of nourishing excreta for miles around”. 😀 People should understand that this would be so much more dignifying that flying away with the wind.

  9. abvblogger says:

    In all probability, you will not exist after death. Nobody can know for sure; that’s just my agnostic take on the matter 🙂

  10. john zande says:

    We’re a heat engine that processes information. Stop providing the fuel and the processing of information will stop.

  11. Stone Crazy says:

    If TV Evangelists are going to heaven, I rather go to hell. Personally, I don’t believe in either one. I believe heaven and hell was created to control the peasants. “If you hate the rulers that exploit you, you are going to hell, The Lord says love your enemies.” We are going to turn to dust when we die and that’s it.

  12. Carrel Sheppard says:

    The concept of Death being the end is more of a return to the previous state of being. Death is a transition from the physical incarnation back to our original form of pure energy existing is a state of multi-dimensional realities. So in my view it’s not life after death, it’s life before life (as we know it to be) then more life. This is also supported by the concept of re-incarnation, we keep coming back for more experience and to play with our friends.

  13. I’m constantly amazed by the time, the thought, money and science consumed in validating something which can never be proved or disproved. No-one ever comes back to tell us, or ever will. The desperate need for continued existence confuses me, too. Why? For most, by the time of death the full gamut of life will have been experienced – why do we need to continue? Physically, the pump stops pumping and the spiders move in – is there some astral plain of spiritual existence? I rather doubt it. That presupposes there was something present other than the physical in the first place and that, were it there, would be rather easier to prove. No-one has. The Romans believed they lived on in their children; I believe I will live on in all the more durable things I left behind. But I don’t want an after-life: paradise would be utterly boring!

    • Carrel Sheppard says:

      Interesting, people held firm to the concept of the Earth being flat for centuries, some still do today in spite of “science.” When science learns to detect and measure multi-dimensional energy the world will no longer be flat to anyone. Everyone comes back, you have too it’s only that you don’t remember. Many of us do remember, were called psychics, channelers and crazy. So in the cosmic sense, who is the joke on?

  14. Life after death? Death is the end of life, if you’re still alive then you didn’t die, just change form.

    When our bodies die they (hopefully) become part of the food chain and give life to something else, and the contribution we made to the collective consciousness while we were alive will be in effect forever.

  15. Don Hartness says:

    Questions regarding the nature of heaven detract from the actions that are supposed to get you there…

  16. cdmyers00 says:

    To address the question of lif after death we must address the question of the makeup of the human body – is it one part, two parts, three parts, etc.?

    One part – material only. Not possible, communication, thought, imagination and so forth are more than a simple material response.

    Two parts – material and the concept of a soul (or a way in which we interact with the material)

    Three parts – material, “soul”, and the response of the “soul” to the material – spirit.

    There is little doubt that the two non-material parts are quite capapble of continuing after death. And would still compose the “real” you. The material, by definition, is limited to what we like to call “life”.

  17. mennalynne says:

    Consciousness resides in the brain, without the brain there is no consciousness, without consciousness there isn’t a “you”. Perhaps we continue to exist as energy, but consciousness cannot exist without the physical body (or a surrogate, such as perhaps some very advanced computer, but we’re getting into sci-fi there). In some cases, consciousness does not exist in a physical body (i.e. those in a PVS state, etc.), it cannot exist outside it, and so even if there is ‘life’ after death, without a ‘you’ to experience it, it seems like a moot point.

    • Carrel Sheppard says:

      Let me give you with these thoughts. Radio waves exist without a radio, they travel through space going from one place to another to be received elsewhere. Radio waves are energy, our thoughts are energy. One person hears the thoughts of another if they’re a telepath. What we see as “us” in physical form is a nice suite to be in for a while. Most of our consciousness won’t fit into this small body so most of it resides outside of us as our guides. (if your into the place to feel them) The human experience teaches some of us to think small, ie what I see in the mirror is all that I am. Spirituality teaches us to explore beyond. The figures I’ve heard is that 80% plus of people believe in some kind of after life. Ghost stories got a start somewhere, haunted houses are known to exist with energies unseen by many but noticed by others. Those unseen energies are the left-overs of a consciousness.

      • mennalynne says:

        okay, I can agree that perhaps your thoughts, or brainwaves as energy exist after the source has expired. However, that does not mean that ‘consciousness’ and therefore the ‘I’ does, so even if you in some form exist, which I will grant, it doesn’t matter, because there is no “I” consciousness anymore to perceive, think, etc.

      • Carrel Sheppard says:

        What do you think about the existence of a ghost? Many people feel them and/or see them, others talk to them having conversations with them just like someone in a body. As someone with some psychic ability I’ve talked to them too. Just like “real” people some of them are nice and others aren’t.

      • mennalynne says:

        Many people also hallucinate.

      • Carrel Sheppard says:

        Some people are also funny and have green hair too. I hope you’re not being closed minded, that would eliminate the possibility of learning new ways to think.

      • mennalynne says:

        No, I was merely trying to make the point that experience is not evidence. People are incredibly falliable, and testimony is not a good judgement for anything. Also, that people make up stories. However, there is good evidence for brain activity, and no evidence for life after death, well, I suppose it depends on your own definition of “evidence”. In my experience though, reason is not something easily taught.

      • Carrel Sheppard says:

        Yes, neither can common sense be taught, but reasoning can be learned. In legal terms it’s impossible to disprove something. In that light people either find good reason to believe or not. I’ll guess that your age is around 24 years old. I’m, lets just say much older. I’ve had experiences that made the hair on my neck stand up more than once. I’ve had the time to sift though those and sort them out to compare them with other experiences. I’ve found that youth is great but wisdom comes with experience. Personally when I was young I thought I knew more than I really did due to not knowing the shear volume of knowledge available to learn. Now I know I won’t know it all.

      • mennalynne says:

        well, at least I’ve been taught how to recognize fallacies when I see them 🙂

      • Carrel Sheppard says:

        Well, good luck with that. I’ve found several things which hinder the thinking process, one of them is the fear of the unknown. People feel safe when they believe there is nothing beyond what they can see, otherwise how would they protect themselves from things they can’t see. There is far more to the world than is in your perception at this time my young friend.. As a minister I also do exorcisms, I see the difference in people before and after, so do their friends. Some of the people I’ve helped didn’t remember what they were doing while they were in the control of things you don’t believe in. Regardless of what anyone believes there is more out there than you can see and it’s not like the church says it is. It’s a lot nicer than that but it’s not where Mr. Rogers lives either. Many people go through life with these entities attached to them without even knowing it. They influence peoples thinking and more. The worst cases people don’t remember everything they do. I know this is very off the wall stuff and this is just the light version. I’ve spent five decades learning this after H.S., i’m still learning more on deeper levels, it takes experience to learn and experience takes time.
        Go through life with an open mind just in case you’ve over/under estimated the full nature of reality so you won’t get surprised. (blindsided)

  18. There’s nothing for you after death, you’re gone. Now, things pertaining to your life, ah, to die into the machine knowing that so many will remember you. Well, that doesn’t make anything too bad.

    I said this some time ago on Facebook: I found myself thinking of ~HEAVEN~, today. Beyond the hoops in logic you will have to endure to get into whatever heaven… I realized an eternal afterlife worshiping- with no suffering, sadness, hunger, thirst, temptation- would be boring. If we were equipped to think otherwise, we would need to be equipped to deal with insanity.

    And I still believe that. 😀

  19. makagutu says:

    I don’t believe in life after death.
    we will be what we were before we were born. Nothing.

    • Carrel Sheppard says:

      You’re right we will be what we were before, but nothing isn’t it unless you call pure consciousness nothing since you cant’ see it. You my friend are what we call newbie’s. In the scheme of things only a small percentage of the humans beings here have been around longer time than I want to count. It gives us experience which newbie’s don’t have yet. Tell me again in a couple hundred lifetimes or so how you feel. Like they say “it doesn’t matter if you believe in God, God believes in you.”
      So your opinion is noted, the universe is just the same as it was.

      • makagutu says:

        We are only conscious as long as we are alive. I don’t know what you mean by newbie, maybe you need to explain it to what I can understand.
        To be present for a hundred lifetimes implies believing in an afterlife, I have no such belief and if there should be another life, I don’t want to go if am not going with those I cared for here. It is either all of us or I don’t want to be part of it. As for god believing in me, that is yours since I don’t have a belief that any gods exist and I live my life as such.
        IF anyone wants to believe they will have a better life than this one here, by all means, I can’t take that hope away as long as this future life doesn’t include eternal damnation for any one person!

      • Carrel Sheppard says:

        Newbie refers to the number of incarnations a person has had here on Earth. The church concept of Heaven and Hell were dreamed up to control people, no such places exist. The universe is made of many different layers called dimensions of which we’re on the third, This is a very limited space to be in but a good place to learn. Yes, we are with everyone we’ve known in the “after life” which is just a continuation of life in a different form until we come back with those we love to experience physical life together again. Have you ever met someone you felt close to and didn’t know why? They may be a friend from a past life. Our bodies are a vehicle for the human expression on Earth. These are all loooong subjects and it would take a number of blogs just to begin explaining it, which I will write them in due time. The concepts of Karma and Reincarnation have been with us for thousands of years. In short Karma is how we learn our lessons and reincarnation gives us the chance to come back and experience more including finishing our Karma. Finishing the Karma takes a long time depending on how quickly we get it.
        All of this are things we either find our way to seeing or not. It makes no difference in the universe if we see it or not. it’s all about personal growth and seeing past the illusion of three dimensional life and the BS from those who just want to control everyone else.

  20. Charity says:

    Our bodies cease to exist after death, it is true, but the spirit/soul continues on its journey until it no longer needs to do so. Why else do we have flashes of memory of doing something we know we’ve never done before? I have those all the time and it is always with people I’ve never seen before, but yet I know I’ve done this before…

  21. What’s left of any of us is a memory. If you want to be remembered make your life count for something, pass something good onto your children. That’s your legacy, the only certainty. The rest is just comfort fluff. Belief isn’t knowledge.

  22. CrysiCube says:

    Sometimes its easier to have a belief, something to have hope in, it is what helps us to get through the hurt and live day by day not seeing the person you once had so physically close, so we hold on mentally and emotionally to memories and hope that there is an after life. Knowing/thinking that we may see them again makes it easier to live, it is not being in denial rather it is loving and believing in something greater,”is there life after death?’ I wont answer this with a yes or no because honestly I don’t want to know, let me just hope, after the death of someone close believing/hoping is all I have left.

    • Carrel Sheppard says:

      It’s never easy to lose a loved one especially a mate. It doesn’t make it any easier for those knowing/sensing a greater understanding of what’s unseen around us. We still miss the touch and the voice of those we love. Those among us gifted with telepathy can communicate with the ones we’ve lost, it’s very possible to get a spiritual hug from them but it’s not the same. Know that those who were close to us are still close to us. Look for the small things, a feeling of their touch or a scent that reminds you of them. Most of all know that they still love you and they want you to know they’re doing just fine so do your best to move on in life. .My wife helped me a lot after she died to move past her death, it wasn’t any easier to know she would die in my arms three years before we knew she was sick.
      One day at a time, remember the joy of being with them, you’ll make it.

    • abvblogger says:

      You know, regardless of what we actually believe about the afterlife, I’m quite touched to see the support provided to a person facing grief. What profound sharing this question has led to. Vindicates the blog concept!

  23. speechless says:

    Life is live, not a rehearsal.
    I would suggest to stop worrying about the existence or non-existence of life after death.
    Enjoy your life today: live as if this is your last day and plan as if you would live forever

  24. I believe there is something after our last breath, and I also believe it will be beautiful.

    Beyond that, I have absolutely no idea of what it will be. But, again, I think it will knock my socks off, if they still happen to be on my body. (They might be; my feet are often cold.)

  25. PÖ3TIC says:

    We are not our physical bodies, we are made of pure spirit but we have been broken into two pieces, one piece is the spirit which dwells in the kingdom of God or the spirit world, the other half is our soul which inhabits our earthly bodies and searches out its “soul mate” or spirit. This is where we get the expressions soul mate and soul searching because the soul searches for its spirit mate. The journey of the soul through “Hell” or Earth to reconnect with the spirit is how we earn our passage into Heaven. We have free will so we can choose to follow the tempting path of evil that lures us away from our spirit and separates us ultimately from being one with our creator who is pure love. The devil is not a person but is simply the complete lack of love or goodness like yin and yang, sun and moon, he is the opposite of all that is good. The journey through hell is meant to test the resilience of the soul and test the true desire of the will to be truly “holy” or whole spirit. When we choose the righteous path we gain knowledge and wisdom and eventually we connect our soul, our body and our spirit into the “Trinity” we have become pure spirit and once our physical bodies die our spirit can escape or transcend the physical bounds of hell and enter into eternal spiritual life. When we sin we have strayed from the spiritual path because we were too focused on the material path. Everything we do is a conscious choice we make and each action has an equal and opposite reaction or consequence. Just because you sinned doesn’t mean you are damned for eternity, nor do you need Gods forgiveness you simply learn from your mistakes and put yourself back on the path to spiritual enlightenment. No soul is damned to hell for eternity unless that soul chooses, through its choices and actions, to remain in hell.

  26. littleboone says:

    Are we are special dreams of the human animal developed with the help of family, friends, and society as a tool to assist us in fitting into whatever situation we are born into? When “our ride” dies, will we evaporate since our creator and sustainer can no longer support us? Is this the end of the story unless we do or say something during our lives that someone feels is worth preserving? Is not a good thing or a bad thing that someone is forgotten who should not have been? If they are forgotten, how do we know about them?

  27. The philosopher, Plato, had some interesting arguments in the Phaedo for an afterlife. The argument went, we are born with a conceptual understanding that exceeds what we can possibly have learned in this life, hence we must have picked these things up in a previous life. And if we had previous lives, logic and coherence suggests we will also have future lives.

    I personally think life is like the continuum of space-time, and death is like a black hole, we simply cannot pass information through that boundary in order to know what it will be like on the other side, or if there will be an other side. If there is something it will most likely be a completely different plane of existence, it will certainly not exist to service physical desires that we have in this life in my opinion.

  28. I think the next life will be a lot like this one, yet a lot different. The major difference is that it will be lived by someone else, who will be still YOU. (

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