Science: Reflection


When looking in the mirror, you are scientifically proven to be 40% more attractive. If another human being and you are standing some distance apart and see each other in the mirror, do you view the other person as 40% more attractive, see them as you regularly see them, or is there a different percentage? Your are 40% more attractive based on the reflection of light from your pupil to the top of the mirror, to the bottom, and back to the center.

Does this mean their pupil will follow your pattern and add an extra step which would multiply your attractiveness?

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10 Responses to Science: Reflection

  1. Love this question, By the way! So true too! I think in general we see ourselves differently than others do. Most of us tend to be overly critical and zoom in to a flaw others would not even notice. So this is a hard one from my point of view. We are more attractive in the mirror due to lighting & we’re also seeing an opposite view from a mirror mechanically. I don’t think people will view us 40% more attractive in a mirror compared to how we actually look in real life. Don’t forget our natural expressions are much more attractive than the false ones we use in the mirror. And I mean false in the sense of the way we stand tall, raise our eyebrows to see our eyes & lids (especially us ladies when putting on makeup). Cheers for the question! Very interesting topic!

  2. For me it seems when looking at someone else in a mirror you see them as you would normally see them. If anything, less attractive, because you know the object of your affection does not actually lie in that direction. But on the purely aesthetic level, I would say you see them as you would normally see them.

  3. another thought, in a way, what you are saying, is though the camera adds ten pounds, the mirror takes away ten pounds. It is funny that, I don’t know the science, but I do agree there does seem to be some discrepancy between how we view ourselves in a mirror compared to how we view ourselves in other circumstances.

  4. Oh no! I thought I HAD TO be better looking away from my reflection!
    I even yell “liar!!!” to the mirror …
    Thanks for ruining everything 🙂

  5. Demosthenes says:

    I always thought you looked better in a mirror because you see the “mirror image” (flipped across the vertical axis) and since your face is not perfectly symmetrical, you tend to like it more the other way round. Is that a hoax? 😀

  6. Catherine says:

    I guess it is the hair part is on the opposite side in the mirror.

  7. This doesn’t seem very true in my case, haha. I don’t know anyone who looks in the mirror and finds him or herself more attractive. More often, that’s a great time to yell, “I’m soooo ugly!”

  8. Charity says:

    When I look i a mirror, I don’t find myself more attractive – although I will say I find myself more attractive in a mirror than in photographs. That being said, if I see someone in a mirror, I find them to be the same level of attractiveness as if I were facing that person or seeing them in an unedited photograph.

  9. i felt like i was reading my own morning story!!! wow.. u really are gud at writing..
    thanks for sharing! i think this will help me.. now I’m jus going to keep myself busy in my day to day activities n not think too much! thanks

  10. Clark Kent says:

    Capturing the present moment my friend.. gives you many angles to view someone in. You can’t make this about the percent for that is a percent of capturing someones essence.. Are you sure you are seeing this correctly. It would be as though you see an ugly puppy and then when the puppies personality comes to light you are immediately seeing the puppy through new eyes to fall in love. You see the image is not what you are looking for, you are looking for the aliveness that someone is in that moment and in that moment beauty reigns. It is never that something is less appealing to the eyes it is you are looking at it with content you just don’t need to see it from. No science can teach energy of the moment, only you can…

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