Actuality: Old school Vs New technology

There have been immense advances in technology in most aspects of people’s lives, especially in the education’s field.

In fact, we can all acknowledge the amazing increased number of students relying on computers for school purposes, having even access to an online help from the school itself. Other have decided to leave the original way of learning to get knowledge through online schools by themselves.

These changes in the learning process have brought a particular concern about the importance of teachers in the classroom.

Do you think that the role of the teachers will soon disappear?

Do you agree with the new way of education through computers and no more with books and real study?

Don’t you think that education by machines will make younger people less educated than our predecessors?

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1 Response to Actuality: Old school Vs New technology

  1. there will always be some people who genuinely want to study and have a thirst for knowledge, and computers certainly don’t take this opportunity away from you. They do increase the pace of things though, to the extent that many do not give enough time to absorb knowledge in order for it to guide and influence their way of life.

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