General Rules

The comments function of the site is there to encourage anyone to freely express him/herself in order to share and confront opinions.

The posts can be generated in two different ways :

  • From The Qbox itself.
  • From the users (sended via E-mail to The Qbox  “”)

Whether you agree or disagree with the question’s topics, never hesitate to say what is on your mind when leaving a comment here. Debate, defend your opinion and ideas..etc.

The only thing I ask is that you please follow and respect The Qbox’s rules.

  • Please submit your comments only under the post to which they correspond.
  • Never submit comments that violate someone else’s rights or the law (i.e., threatening someone).
  • Valid comments are permanent and will not be changed or deleted.  If you wish to update your previous response, feel free to submit a new comment to clarify or augment your previous reply.
  • On the outside chance I’ve closed comments on an entry to which you would like to respond,contact The Qbox via e-mail and I’ll help you out.
  • Profanity, racism, discrimination, swearing and all forms of insult are banned.
  • No provocation. I enthusiastically welcome and encourage lively discussion, debate and deliberation, but personal attacks with no redeeming value are forbitten.
  • Above all else, use common sense.
  • Neither spam nor advertising are allowed on The Qbox.

The Qbox reserve the right to edit or delete your comment if it deem it necessary, and that even if you have not broken any of these rules.

All comments are bound by these rules and any changes or additions to them that it may make from time to time, with or without notice to you.