Actuality: When dreams meet technology

Nowadays, with the technological progresses, each moment of our life became simpler than few years ago. Electronic equipments are very useful and give us the possibility to exchange every kind of information globally in few seconds and without huge costs.

We are constantly hyper stimulated by all the technologies around us. We have the impression that any of our dreams or projects can be realized. That everything is possible. The distance between “possible” and “impossible” has considerately decreased, thanks to the “sensation of power” that technologies give us.

However, in the past, lots of people realized their dreams or projects without being supported by high technologies. We had several successful people that radically changed the course of history.

In your opinion, is it true that we have more possibilities to achieve our dreams than in the past or it is only an illusion?

If you could choose, would you have preferred to realize your dream in the past without high technologies’ help?

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Life: Be parents

My father always told me: “Be a great parent is the most difficult job”.

This overused idiom comes from the difficulties that any parents have to overtake every day, trying to choose the best for their children. They constantly put themselves in discussion, wondering if they are weak or too strict, if they are a good example for their child/children, attentive enough to their needs, etc…

Do you agree with my father?

If you were in your parents’ role, which educational methods and choices would you have changed in their way to raise you?

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Extra: Special power

Attributed power:                                                                                                                            The opportunity to speak in front of the world and be understood by everyone for only one hour.

Lots of people envy powerful figures such as presidents, religious leaders and spokesmen because they have the possibility to communicate with people all around the world.            It is an amazing power, isn’t it??…BUT:

If you had the power to be heard and understood by everyone around the planet without any barriers for only one hour, what would you say?

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Actuality: Maya’s prophecy

According to the Maya’s prophecy, the day 21 of December 2012 could have been the end of the world.

Fortunately, it did not happen!…BUT, in the antecedent period lots of people were terrified about their future. Some, built bunkers full of food while others were organizing meetings in places “immune” to the prophecy.

They adopted innumerable different ways in order to survive.

Anyway, in the case that the Maya’s prophecy realized, the number of lucky survivors would have been dramatically low. Maybe about hundreds or thousands of people.

If you were one of them, would you be happy to be alive on a planet populated by few people?

In your opinion does it worth live on an “empty” world, without eg. services and rules?

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Social Networks: Photo sharing

Social networks allow you to share pictures on the web.

Some people upload pictures of landscapes, their travels and trips. Others, the majority, prefer different subjects: themselves, their relatives or friends in various situations (parties, barbecues, dinners, birthdays, weddings, etc..).

At times, the subjects captured on pictures are adults…at others NO.

In fact, it is very common find images of children, babies and even scans…obviously without their consent and the possibility to object.

Do you think it is fair share pictures of minor?

Would you upload your or other’s children pictures?

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What’s The Q Box?

The Qbox is a container that needs to be filled up of questions.                                                  It is an abstract space where sharing different opinions, by answering and asking questions, YOU may change the other’s point of view.                                                                 In simple words, it is how the world should work!

The Qbox contains questions about different topics where the answer is made of YOU.

YOU and your answers or questions will be unique because part of a community.


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